Advances in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 6

Volume 33 of the series Acta Neurochirurgica pp 385-390

Hyperselective Encephalic Irradiation with Linear Accelerator

  • O. O. BettiAffiliated withDepartamento de Neurocirugía Tridimensional y Radiocirugía, Institutos Médicos Antártida Rosario 437
  • , V. E. DerechinskyAffiliated withDepartamento de Radiocirugía del Centro de Radioterapia, Hospital Español

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A new development of the Talairach stereotactic system is presented: an external irradiation system based on a principle similar to that of Leksell’s Gamma Unit produces an intense cross-firing of the target structure through an infinite number of portals of entry of a collimated high energy beam.

Talairach’s stereotactic frame is the nucleus of the system. It permits a threedimensional synthesis of diagnostic data including computerized tomography and stereoscopic stereotactic neuroradiology and ensures precise localization of the radiation fields.

Supplementary collimators adequated individually to volume, shape and pathology of the lesion provide a great versatility. The use of an infinite number of portals of entry instead of a fixed number reduces the irradiation of the neighbouring brain.


Stereotactic irradiation cerebral irradiation with linear accelerator multibeam unit for convergent irradiation radiosurgery with linear accelerator