Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy: Indications, Investigative Technique and Results

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The modern era of surgical epilepsy therapy probably began with the work of Victor Horsley in 1886, yet the role of surgery in the treatment of the epilepsies is only now becoming more widely accepted and is still underutilized. One reason for this is that only a limited number of epilepsy centres are engaged in such treatment; this is perhaps because some epileptologists and neurologists are afraid of the neurosurgeons’ encroachment into what they regard as a non-surgical domain. They then continue to neglect the good surgical results obtained if the patients are well screened. The major aspects of reporting this series are to discuss the criteria which must be met before considering surgery, the need to establish a proper diagnosis and the need for immaculate surgical techniques. These three factors provide the basis for a successful outcome following operation.