Rob | Arch 2012

pp 230-237


Unique molds for design with minimal waste
  • Mathew Schwartz
  • , Jason Prasad

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This paper describes a novel work-flow for minimal waste custom design manufacturing through the integration of traditional sculpture techniques and current manufacturing technology. This is demonstrated by using oil clay as a mold material for fiberglass layups. In addition to being reusable, the use of a malleable material allows for a non-rotating cutting tool on a 7-axis robot, addressing some current manufacturing limitations such as uniformity of the cutting tool, undercuts, and surface defects. The work-flow is demonstrated through the creation of a chair. The chair has multiple curvature and is constructed using two molds, both employing the same material. Fiberglass is used as the final products material demonstrating a selective application for minimal waste from both mold and final materials.


minimal waste robotics design sculpture prototyping