Assessment of Depression

pp 221-231

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale and Depression Status Inventory

  • W. W. K. Zung

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Every classification of depressive disorders uses the “Linnaean” binomial approach to its nomenclature that is familiar in taxonomies of both plant and animal kingdoms. Thus, the endogenous-reactive depressions, neurotic-psychotic depressions, or unipolar-bipolar depressions become depression endogenous, depression reactive, depression neurotic, depression psychotic, depression unipolar, or depression bipolar. The term depression is used as an equivalent to the “genus” and is modified by a term that is equivalent to the “species” of the binomial nomenclature. Conceptualized in this manner, the genus denotes depression as a disorder with common characteristics of types or subtypes of depression. To be operationally effective, symptomatology that can be demonstrated in patients diagnosed as having depression (genus), regardless of the type or subtype (species), must have a high degree of universal agreement.