Lymphoid Organogenesis

Volume 251 of the series Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology pp 167-171

Functional Subsets of Memory T Cells Identified by CCR7 Expression

  • F. SallustoAffiliated withBasel Institute for Immunology
  • , A. LangenkampAffiliated withBasel Institute for Immunology
  • , J. GeginatAffiliated withInstitute of Research in Biomedicine
  • , A. LanzavecchiaAffiliated withInstitute of Research in Biomedicine

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When naive T cells home to lymph nodes, they first roll along high endothelial venules using CD62L, allowing the chemokine receptor CCR7 to engage its ligand, SLC, displayed by endothelial cells. The CCR7-SLC interaction activates integrins that promote firm adhesion and transmigration of the T cells into the lymph node (Butcher and Picker, 1996; Cyster, 1999).