Vitamin D Analogs in Cancer Prevention and Therapy

Volume 164 of the series Recent Results in Cancer Research pp 353-356

Prospects for Vitamin D receptor Modulators as Candidate Drugs for Cancer and (Auto)immune Diseases

  • Roger BouillonAffiliated withLegendo, KU Leuven
  • , Annemieke Verstuyf
  • , Lieve Verlinden
  • , Guy Eelen
  • , Chantal Mathieu

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The development of less calcemic vitamin D analogs creates possible therapeutic applications for immune modulation (e.g., autoimmune diseases and graft rejection), inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of cell differentiation (e.g., cancer). Recently more insight was obtained in the mechanism of action of the analogs at the biological and molecular level. Critical remarks are summarized on why the step towards the clinic has not yet been taken and how better selective vitamin D receptor modulators could be designed.