Automata, Languages, and Programming

Volume 7965 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 69-80

Algorithms for Hub Label Optimization

  • Maxim BabenkoAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State Univerity
  • , Andrew V. GoldbergAffiliated withMicrosoft Research Silicon Valley
  • , Anupam GuptaAffiliated withCarnegie Mellon UniversityMicrosoft Research SVC
  • , Viswanath NagarajanAffiliated withIBM T.J. Watson Research Center

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We consider the problem of approximating optimal hub labelings in the context of labeling algorithms for the shortest path problem. A previous result was a O(logn) approximating for minimizing the total label size. We give an O(logn)-approximation algorithm for the maximum label size. We also give O(logn)-approximation algorithms for natural generalizations of the problem: Minimizing an ℓ p norm of the labeling and simultaneously minimizing ℓ p and ℓ q norms.