Artificial General Intelligence

Volume 7716 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 341-351

On Ensemble Techniques for AIXI Approximation

  • Joel VenessAffiliated withUniversity of Alberta
  • , Peter SunehagAffiliated withAustralian National University
  • , Marcus HutterAffiliated withAustralian National University

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One of the key challenges in AIXI approximation is model class approximation - i.e. how to meaningfully approximate Solomonoff Induction without requiring an infeasible amount of computation? This paper advocates a bottom-up approach to this problem, by describing a number of principled ensemble techniques for approximate AIXI agents. Each technique works by efficiently combining a set of existing environment models into a single, more powerful model. These techniques have the potential to play an important role in future AIXI approximations.