Date: 12 Feb 2013

Regulation of Polar Auxin Transport by Protein–Protein Interactions

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Work over the last years has uncovered that during the highly integrative process of polar auxin transport, dynamic interactions of membrane proteins with other membrane or soluble proteins or modulatory drugs are providing a high degree of flexibility. This overall concept is supported by the recent release of a first, partial Arabidopsis interactome by the Arabidopsis Interactome Mapping Consortium. In this context, we have summarized the current knowledge of posttranscriptional regulation of auxin transport with an emphasis on protein–protein interaction and protein phosphorylation. We suggest a novel protein–protein interaction feedback loop of auxin transport. Further, we summarize evidence that this interaction loop is tightly interconnected with a previously described PIN polarity loop via AGC3 kinases represented by PINOID. These data are compatible with the view of a putative multi-protein auxin efflux complex that is building the basis for a plastic and economic control of auxin streams during PAT.