Arts and Technology

Volume 101 of the series Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering pp 145-151

Text Invader: A Graphic Interference on Semantic Flow

  • Onur YazıcıgilAffiliated withSabancı University
  • , Elif AyiterAffiliated withSabancı University

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In this paper we report on a system of typographic intervention which aims to bring about a typesetting environment which automates the aesthetic as well as contextual concerns previously manifested in the output of deconstructivist typographers throughout the 20th century. While in the current state of the undertaking a commercial font design software named FontLab has been used to bring about a virus which substitutes vectors for semantic patterns found in bodies of text, future work will evolve towards the creation of a standalone application which may aid in a convergence of the fields of textual authorship and graphic design.


Typography Automated Controlled Generated Font Virus Graffiti