The Theory of the Knowledge Square and the Concepts of Probability and the Probability Space ( )

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We have discussed the potential and possibility spaces and their relationships to the knowledge-production process as viewed from the theory of the knowledge square. These conceptual relationships were connected to the possible-world space, the explanatory science, prescriptive science and the defective knowledge structure. On the basis of the defective knowledge structure, the roles of explanatory theory and the corresponding explanatory rationality were projected. Similarly, the prescriptive theory and the corresponding prescriptive rationality were discussed .We shall now turn our attention to the probability space and show how it is connected to the possibility space and then to the universal object set in a backward regressive process of the knowledge-production process. The possibility space and its construct on the basis of the fuzzy paradigm to deal with the problem of possibilistic uncertainty provide us with the analytical structure of possibilistic reasoning under conditions of defective information structure that is constrained by quality and quantity deficiencies about epistemic elements with neutrality of time.