Web Technologies and Applications

Volume 7235 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 158-169

Search for Minority Information from Wikipedia Based on Similarity of Majority Information

  • Yuki HattoriAffiliated withKonan University
  • , Akiyo NadamotoAffiliated withKonan University

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In this research, we propose a method of searching for minority information, which is less acknowledged and less popular, on the internet. We propose two methods to extract minority information. One is that of calculating relevance of content. The other is based on analogy expression. In this paper, we propose such a minority search system. At this time, we consider it necessary to search for minority information in which a user is interested. Using our proposed system, the user inputs a query which represents their interest in majority information. Then the system searches for minority information that is similar to the majority information provided. Consequently, users can obtain the new information that users do not know and can discover new knowledge and new interests.