Intelligent Information and Database Systems

Volume 7197 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 311-320

Satellite Payload Reconfiguration Optimisation: An ILP Model

  • Apostolos StathakisAffiliated withInterdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust, University of Luxembourg
  • , Grégoire DanoyAffiliated withCSC Research Unit, University of Luxembourg
  • , Pascal BouvryAffiliated withCSC Research Unit, University of Luxembourg
  • , Gianluigi MorelliAffiliated withSES Engineering

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The increasing size and complexity of communication satellites has made the manual management of their payloads by engineers through computerised schematics difficult and error prone. This article proposes to optimise payload reconfigurations for current and next generation satellites using a novel Integer Linear Programming model (ILP), which is a variant of network flow models. Experimental results using CPLEX demonstrate the efficiency and scalability of the approach up to realistic satellite payloads sizes and configurations.


Integer-Linear programming network optimisation satellite payload