Parameterized and Exact Computation

Volume 7112 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 94-105

Sparse Solutions of Sparse Linear Systems: Fixed-Parameter Tractability and an Application of Complex Group Testing

  • Peter DamaschkeAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University

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A vector with at most k nonzeros is called k-sparse. We show that enumerating the support vectors of k-sparse solutions to a system Ax = b of r-sparse linear equations (i.e., where the rows of A are r-sparse) is fixed-parameter tractable (FPT) in the combined parameter r,k. For r = 2 the problem is simple. For 0,1-matrices A we can also compute an O(rk r ) kernel. For systems of linear inequalities we get an FPT result in the combined parameter d,k, where d is the total number of minimal solutions. This is achieved by interpeting the problem as a case of group testing in the complex model. The problems stem from the reconstruction of chemical mixtures by observable reaction products.