Information Computing and Applications

Volume 244 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 660-667

Dynamic Construction of Power Voronoi Diagram

  • Yili TanAffiliated withCollege of Science, Hebei United University
  • , Lihong LiAffiliated withCollege of Science, Hebei United University
  • , Yourong WangAffiliated withDepartment of Basic, Tangshan College

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The power Voronoi diagrams are difficult to construct because of their complicated structures. In traditional algorithm, production process which is based on the Delaunay diagram was extremely complex. While dynamic algorithm is only concerned with positions of generators, so it is effective for constructing Voronoi diagrams with complicated shapes of Voronoi polygons. It can be applied to power Voronoi diagram with any generators, and can get over most shortcomings of traditional algorithm. So it is more useful and effective. Model is constructed with dynamic algorithm. And the application example shows that the algorithm is both simple and practicable and of high potential value in practice.


Voronoi diagram dynamic power