Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting

Volume 262 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 60-68

The Semantic Analysis Using Tree Transformation on the Objective-C Compiler

  • YunSik SonAffiliated withDept. of Computer Engineering, Dongguk University
  • , YangSun LeeAffiliated withDept. of Computer Engineering, Seokyeong University

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Semantic Analysis is a process which analyzes the validity of a meaning created by combining a program’s different constituents, and this process has become indispensable component for producing a compiler. It uses the attribute grammar method or the manual method however such methodology holds limitations in terms of efficiency or automation. In this study, in order to make up for the drawbacks mentioned above, a semantic tree which includes the analyzed information will be defined and a technique to convert the abstract syntax tree used in most compilers – a result of syntax analysis – into a semantic tree will be proposed. The semantic tree transformation technique processes semantic analysis on a semantic node unit level and the semantic analysis process is carried out consistently and efficiently. In addition, the semantic tree transformation makes transformation of data structures and automation very simple.


Semantic Tree Tree Transformation Semantic Analysis Compiler Construction Objective-C Compiler Abstract Syntax Tree