Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems

Volume 7057 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 413-427

Inferring Equation-Based Models from Agent-Based Models: A Case Study in Competition Dynamics

  • Ngoc Doanh NguyenAffiliated withMSI, IFIUMMISCO, UMI 209, IRD/UPMC
  • , Patrick TaillandierAffiliated withMSI, IFIUMMISCO, UMI 209, IRD/UPMC
  • , Alexis DrogoulAffiliated withMSI, IFIUMMISCO, UMI 209, IRD/UPMC
  • , Pierre AugerAffiliated withUMMISCO, UMI 209, IRD/UPMCLMPD, University Cadi Ayyad

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Two types of model, equation-based models (EBMs) and agent-based models (ABMs) are now widely used in modeling ecological complex systems and seem not to be reconciled. While ABMs can help in exploring and explaining the local causes of global phenomena, EBMs are useful for predicting their long-term evolution without having to explore them through simulated experiments. In this paper, we show that it is possible to use an ABM to infer an EBM. Base on the case study, a dynamics of two competing species, we illustrate our methodology through the presentation of two models: an ABM and an EBM. We also show that the two models give the same results on coexistence of the two competing species.


Agent-Based Models Equation-Based Models Population Dynamics Complex Systems