Advances in Soft Computing

Volume 7095 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 1-12

Intelligent Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Plants Using a Hierarchical Modular Approach and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

  • Leticia CervantesAffiliated withTijuana Institute of Technology
  • , Oscar CastilloAffiliated withTijuana Institute of Technology
  • , Patricia MelinAffiliated withTijuana Institute of Technology

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In this paper we present simulation results that we have at this moment with a new approach for intelligent control of non-linear dynamical plants. First we present the proposed approach for intelligent control using a hierarchical modular architecture with type-2 fuzzy logic used for combining the outputs of the modules. Then, the approach is illustrated with two cases: aircraft control and shower control and in each problem we explain its behavior. Simulation results of the two case show that proposed approach has potential in solving complex control problems.


Granular computing Type-2 fuzzy logic Fuzzy control Genetic Algorithm