Application of Eco-service Value Theory to Environmental Impact Assessment of Land Use Planning

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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the environmental impact of the implementation of General Plan for Land Use in Taiyuan (2006-2020). The research is carried out based on the eco-service value theory. Firstly, area change of each land use ecosystem before and after the implementation of the Plan is comparatively analyzed; and then on the basis of former researches, the unit eco-service value of each land use ecosystem is modified combining with the local situation of Taiyuan; finally, the total eco-service values both in 2005 and 2020 are calculated and sensitivity analysis is made to test the accuracy of the eco-service value coefficient and confirm the estimated results. The studies indicate that the eco-service value of Taiyuan will increase by 17.08%, mainly due to the significant area growth of garden plot and woodland, which have relatively high eco-service value. Thus it can be concluded that General Plan for Land Use in Taiyuan (2006-2020) is practicable, and it will contribute to the local sustainable development.