Digital Training Tool Framework for Jawi Character Formation

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There have been a number of studies carried out on computer-based Jawi writing. However, most of the studies focused on academic learning based on Roman letters. Jawi is a writing script for the Malay language, adopted from Arabic alphabets. Jawi characters are considered very difficult for children to write as it requires fine motor skills and need to be properly written. This article will discuss about the attributes involve in constructing the framework for digital training tools for Jawi character formation. There are four attributes concerning the pertaining to the formation of Jawi characters highlighted in this study. The four leading dimensions of the study are: Pre-writing activity, Jawi character formation process, Practice activities and Jawi character recognition. Previous and current studies discussed in this paper suggest that all of the dimensions highlighted are compatible with the formation of Jawi characters, even though most of the reviews are not about Jawi script.