Networked Digital Technologies

Volume 136 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 334-344

Meshing Semantic Web and Web2.0 Technologies to Construct Profiles: Case Study of Academia Europea Members

  • Petra Korica-PehserlAffiliated withInstitute for Information Systems and Computer Media, Graz University of Technology
  • , Atif LatifAffiliated withInstitute for Knowledge Management, Graz University of Technology

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Web is gaining a huge amount of data with every passed second. It is often claimed that information is doubling tenfold as fast as knowledge. This outburst of data posed the real challenges of searching and information management. A naive web user today struggles to find their piece of information at one place e.g. if user looks for information on some topic he or she is likely to find many links to a site containing some information on the topic, but it is the user who then has to wade through many snippets in consolidating them into one coherent piece of information to get the answer. The idea of obtaining consolidated information is still an unsolved problem. Traditional search approaches are failing to generate a consolidated and aggregated view on data due to meaningless state of the most data. Meanwhile Semantic Web with structured, interlinked, machine-readable databases is gaining on relevance and opening new gateways for data betterment. The goal of this paper is to describe an approach which encompasses Web 2.0 and Semantic Web technologies to locate and aggregate person’s relevant information into one user profile. In this study we experimented with our approaches on scientists of Academia Europaea for their consolidated information. We propose an application where this found information can be consolidated and presented in coherent / perceivable way. We also proposed a tool which can assist editors in selecting and gather pieces of related information from different sites by following aggregated links without infringing copyright. We hope that the combination of Web 2.0 and Linked Data technologies can resulted in better management of Information and our proposed application can help users to have better view about the person information which in other cases dispersed on the Web.


Web 2.0 Semantic Web Linked Data User Profiles