Automata, Languages and Programming

Volume 6756 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 526-538

Linear Programming in the Semi-streaming Model with Application to the Maximum Matching Problem

  • Kook Jin AhnAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania
  • , Sudipto GuhaAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

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In this paper, we study linear programming based approaches to the maximum matching problem in the semi-streaming model. The semi-streaming model has gained attention as a model for processing massive graphs as the importance of such graphs has increased. This is a model where edges are streamed-in in an adversarial order and we are allowed a space proportional to the number of vertices in a graph.

In recent years, there has been several new results in this semi-streaming model. However broad techniques such as linear programming have not been adapted to this model. We present several techniques to adapt and optimize linear programming based approaches in the semi-streaming model with an application to the maximum matching problem. As a consequence, we improve (almost) all previous results on this problem, and also prove new results on interesting variants.