Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2011

Volume 6785 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 462-471

A Point-Based Inventive System to Prevent Free-Riding on P2P Network Environments

  • Jongbae MoonAffiliated withSupercomputing Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  • , Yongyun ChoAffiliated withInformation and Communication Engineering, Sunchon National University

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Unlike Client-Server system, P2P network systems are based on active file sharing communications among the users. Free-Riding syndrome is a serious problem in P2P systems because free-riders, who use free resources from others but don’t share their own, make the communications passive and pessimistic. Free-Riding syndrome interrupts P2P network systems from workload decentralization, causes the performance degradation, and finally undermines the foundation of P2P network systems. This paper proposes a point-based incentive system that activates file sharing communications and prevents free-riding syndrome in advance. This system can lead users to aware their status and take part in more active communications using real-time point monitor.


P2P distributed system free-riding incentive Gnutella