Image Analysis and Recognition

Volume 6753 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 30-39

Phase Congruency Based Technique for the Removal of Rain from Video

  • Varun SanthaseelanAffiliated withUniversity of Dayton
  • , Vijayan K. AsariAffiliated withUniversity of Dayton

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Rain is a complex dynamic noise that hampers feature detection and extraction from videos. The presence of rain streaks in a particular frame of video is completely random and cannot be predicted accurately. In this paper, a method based on phase congruency is proposed to remove rain from videos. This method makes use of the spatial, temporal and chromatic properties of the rain streaks in order to detect and remove them. The basic idea is that any pixel will not be covered by rain at all instances. Also, the presence of rain causes sharp changes in intensity at a particular pixel. The directional property of rain streaks also helps in the proper detection of rain affected pixels. The method provides good results in comparison with the existing methods for rain removal.


Phase congruency rain removal alpha blending