Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VI Problems & Perspectives

Volume 4 of the series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics pp 1023-1033


Benchmark 3D: The Compact Discontinuous Galerkin 2 Scheme

  • Robert KlöfkornAffiliated withSection of Applied Mathematics, University of Freiburg Email author 

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In this paper we provide results for the 3d Benchmark on Anisotropic Diffusion Problems. We consider the Compact Discontinuous Galerkin 2 (CDG2) method first presented in [3]. In [3] a detailed stability analysis as well as a numerical investigation showing that the CDG2 method outperforms other DG methods (e.g. Bassi–Rebay 2, symmetric Interior Penalty, or the original Compact Discontinuous Galerkin Method, see [1, 3] and references therein) in terms of L2–accuracy versus computational time. Furthermore, the CDG2 method is a parameter free method in the sense that all tests have been calculated with the same set of parameters without specific test case tuning.