Applications of Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management

Volume 6547 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 52-69

Programming Patterns for Logtalk Parametric Objects

  • Paulo MouraAffiliated withDep. of Computer Science, University of Beira InteriorCenter for Research in Advanced Computing Systems, INESC

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This paper presents a survey of programming patterns for Logtalk parametric objects. A parametric object is an object whose identifier is a compound term containing logical variables. These variables play the role of object parameters. Object predicates can be coded to depend on the parameter values. Parametric objects are a common feature of some other object-oriented logic programming languages and Prolog object-oriented extensions. Logtalk extends the usefulness of parametric objects by introducing the concept of object proxies. An object proxy is a compound term that can be interpreted as a possible instantiation of the identifier of a parametric object. Object proxies, when represented as predicate facts, allow application memory footprint to be minimized while still taking full advantage of Logtalk object-oriented features for representing and reasoning with taxonomic knowledge.


logic programming programming patterns parametric objects object proxies