Development of the Settlement Network in the Central European Countries

pp 137-144


Post-1990 Urban Brownfield Regeneration in Central and Eastern Europe: A Theoretical Concept

  • Márton BerkiAffiliated withFaculty of Science, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest

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After the politico-economic transition, Central and Eastern European counties had to face several new challenges. One of these was the future renewal of disused or obsolete urban brownfields, under conditions of market economy. Within the confines of this paper, I attempt to shed new light on the entire process of brownfield revitalisation; based on the spatial conceptions of Henri Lefebvre and those of Edward Soja, I aim to establish a theoretical framework that might contribute to the redefinition of urban regeneration, including its aims and philosophical underpinnings. Their notion—the trialectics of space—might help us in linking the past, present and future of our cities.