SemGen—Towards a Semantic Data Generator for Benchmarking Duplicate Detectors

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Benchmarking the quality of duplicate detection methods requires comprehensive knowledge on duplicate pairs in addition to sufficient size and variability of test data sets. While extending real-world data sets with artificially created data is promising, current approaches to such synthetic data generation, however, work solely on a quantitative level, which entails that duplicate semantics are only implicitly represented, leading to only insufficiently configurable variability.

In this paper we propose SemGen, a semantics-driven approach to synthetic data generation. SemGen first diversifies real-world objects on a qualitative level, before in a second step quantitative values are generated. To demonstrate the applicability of SemGen, we propose how to define duplicate semantics for the domain of road traffic management. A discussion of lessons learned concludes the paper.

This work has been funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) under grant FIT-IT 819577.