Theory of Cryptography

Volume 6597 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 70-88

Achieving Leakage Resilience through Dual System Encryption

  • Allison LewkoAffiliated withThe University of Texas
  • , Yannis RouselakisAffiliated withThe University of Texas
  • , Brent WatersAffiliated withThe University of Texas


In this work, we show that strong leakage resilience for cryptosystems with advanced functionalities can be obtained quite naturally within the methodology of dual system encryption, recently introduced by Waters. We demonstrate this concretely by providing fully secure IBE, HIBE, and ABE systems which are resilient to bounded leakage from each of many secret keys per user, as well as many master keys. This can be realized as resilience against continual leakage if we assume keys are periodically updated and no (or logarithmic) leakage is allowed during the update process. Our systems are obtained by applying a simple modification to previous dual system encryption constructions: essentially this provides a generic tool for making dual system encryption schemes leakage-resilient.