Performance Evaluation, Measurement and Characterization of Complex Systems

Volume 6417 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 10-24

Liquid Benchmarks: Towards an Online Platform for Collaborative Assessment of Computer Science Research Results

  • Sherif SakrAffiliated withNICTAUniversity of New South Wales
  • , Fabio CasatiAffiliated withUniversity of Trento

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Experimental evaluation and comparison of techniques, algorithms, approaches or complete systems is a crucial requirement to assess the practical impact of research results. The quality of published experimental results is usually limited due to several reasons such as: limited time, unavailability of standard benchmarks or shortage of computing resources. Moreover, achieving an independent, consistent, complete and insightful assessment for different alternatives in the same domain is a time and resource consuming task in addition to its requirement to be periodically repeated to maintain its freshness and being up-to-date. In this paper, we coin the notion of Liquid Benchmarks as online and public services that provide collaborative platforms to unify efforts of peer researchers from all over the world to simplify their task in performing high quality experimental evaluations and guarantee a transparent scientific crediting process.