Performance Evaluation, Measurement and Characterization of Complex Systems

Volume 6417 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 204-215

Benchmarking Using Basic DBMS Operations

  • Alain CrolotteAffiliated withTeradata Corporation
  • , Ahmad GhazalAffiliated withTeradata Corporation

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The TPC-H benchmark proved to be successful in the decision support area. Many commercial database vendors and their related hardware vendors used these benchmarks to show the superiority and competitive edge of their products. However, over time, the TPC-H became less representative of industry trends as vendors keep tuning their database to this benchmark-specific workload. In this paper, we present XMarq, a simple benchmark framework that can be used to compare various software/hardware combinations. Our benchmark model is currently composed of 25 queries that measure the performance of basic operations such as scans, aggregations, joins and index access. This benchmark model is based on the TPC-H data model due to its maturity and well-understood data generation capability. We also propose metrics to evaluate single-system performance and compare two systems. Finally we illustrate the effectiveness of this model by showing experimental results comparing two systems under different conditions.