Internet and Network Economics

Volume 6484 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 182-193

A Truthful Constant Approximation for Maximizing the Minimum Load on Related Machines

  • George ChristodoulouAffiliated withCluster of Excellence “Multimodal Computing and Interaction”, Saarland UniversityMax Planck Institute for Informatics
  • , Annamária KovácsAffiliated withDepartment of Informatics, Goethe University
  • , Rob van SteeAffiliated withMax Planck Institute for Informatics

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Designing truthful mechanisms for scheduling on related machines is a very important problem in single-parameter mechanism design. We consider the covering objective, that is we are interested in maximizing the minimum completion time of a machine. This problem falls into the class of problems where the optimal allocation can be truthfully implemented. A major open issue for this class is whether truthfulness affects the polynomial-time implementation.

We provide the first constant factor approximation for deterministic truthful mechanisms. In particular we come up with a 2 + ε approximation guarantee, significantly improving on the previous upper bound of min(m,(2+ε)s m /s 1).