Digital Heritage

Volume 6436 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 56-70

New Instruments and Technologies for Cultural Heritage Survey: Full Integration between Point Clouds and Digital Photogrammetry

  • F. RinaudoAffiliated withDITAG/POLITECNICO DI TORINO
  • , F. ChiabrandoAffiliated withDINSE/POLITECNICO DI TORINO
  • , F. NexAffiliated withDITAG/POLITECNICO DI TORINO
  • , D. PiattiAffiliated withDITAG/POLITECNICO DI TORINO

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In the last years the Geomatic Research Group of the Politecnico di Torino faced some new research topics about new instruments for point cloud generation (e.g. Time of Flight cameras) and strong integration between multi-image matching techniques and 3D Point Cloud information in order to solve the ambiguities of the already known matching algorithms. ToF cameras can be a good low cost alternative to LiDAR instruments for the generation of precise and accurate point clouds: up to now the application range is still limited but in a near future they will be able to satisfy the most part of the Cultural Heritage metric survey requirements. On the other hand multi-image matching techniques with a correct and deep integration of the point cloud information can give the correct solution for an “intelligent” survey of the geometric object break-lines, which are the correct starting point for a complete survey. These two research topics are strictly connected to a modern Cultural Heritage 3D survey approach. In this paper after a short analysis of the achieved results, an alternative possible scenario for the development of the metric survey approach inside the wider topic of Cultural Heritage Documentation is reported.


ToF camera calibration matching multi-image digital photogrammetry LiDAR