Information Computing and Applications

Volume 106 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 326-333

B-Spline Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Jincai ChangAffiliated withCollege of Science, Hebei Polytechnic University
  • , Qianli YangAffiliated withCollege of Science, Hebei Polytechnic University
  • , Chunfeng LiuAffiliated withCollege of Science, Hebei Polytechnic University

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B-spline functions play important roles in both mathematics and engineering. In this paper, we develop a numerical method for solving the boundary value problem of linear ODE with second-order by using B-spline. First, the cubic B-spline basis functions are introduced, and then we use the linear combination of cubic B-spline basis to approximate the solution. Finally, we obtain the numerical solution by solving tri-diagonal equations. The results are compared with finite difference method and linear shooting method through an example which shows that the B-spline method is feasible and efficient.


B-spline function Boundary-value problem Linear shooting method Finite difference method