Rules for Ontology Population from Text of Malaysia Medicinal Herbs Domain

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The primary goal of ontology development is to share and reuse domain knowledge among people or machines. This study focuses on the approach of extracting semantic relationships from unstructured textual documents related to medicinal herb from websites and proposes a lexical pattern technique to acquire semantic relationships such as synonym, hyponym, and part-of relationships. The results show of nine object properties (or relations) and 105 lexico-syntactic patterns have been identified manually, including one from the Hearst hyponym rules. The lexical patterns have linked 7252 terms that have the potential as ontological terms. Based on this study, it is believed that determining the lexical pattern at an early stage is helpful in selecting relevant term from a wide collection of terms in the corpus. However, the relations and lexico-syntactic patterns or rules have to be verified by domain expert before employing the rules to the wider collection in an attempt to find more possible rules.