Context-Aware Quality Model Driven Approach: A New Approach for Quality Control in Pervasive Computing Environments

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This paper presents extension of MDA called Context-aware Quality Model Driven Architecture (CQ-MDA) which can be used for quality control in pervasive computing environments. The proposed CQ-MDA approach based on ContextualArchRQMM (Contextual ARCHitecture Quality Requirement MetaModel), being an extension to the MDA, allows for considering quality and resources-awareness while conducting the design process. The main idea of presented extension consists in three abstractions levels: PIM (Platform Independent Model), CPIM (Contextual Platform Independent Model) and CPSM (Contextual Platform Specific Model). At the PIM level, a model decomposed into a two interrelated models: software architecture artifacts, which reflect functional requirements and quality model. At the CPIM level a simultaneous transformation of these two models with contextual information details is elaborated and then refined to a specific platform at the CPSM level. Such a procedure ensures that the transformation decisions should be based on the quality assessment of the created models.