Prediction of Subsidence in Impaction Grafting: A Sensitivity Analysis Using the Taguchi Method

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Impaction grafting with morsellised cancellous bone is an established technique. Previous studies have developed a finite element model with which to investigate the behavior of morsellised cancellous bone. However, within these studies, there was not a focus on the parameters used to define the behavior of the material. An established finite element model of morsellised cancellous bone was utilized to investigate the significance of various parameters on the uniaxial plastic strain exhibited. The uniaxial plastic strain has been reported to be a cause of implant subsidence. It was found that the initial cap yield surface position was the parameter to which the uniaxial plastic strain was most sensitive, with a percentage contribution to the sum of squares of 98%. All other parameters investigated had relatively little influence. Based upon these findings, future work should focus on establishing an accurate measure of the initial cap yield surface position.