Towards Deterministically Constructing Organizations Based on the Normalized Systems Approach

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Contemporary organizations need to be more agile to keep up with the swiftly changing business environment. This means that their organizational structure, business processes and information systems should evolve at the same pace. This proves to be quite a challenge due to the invasive nature of these changes and a lack of alignment between these artefacts. It has therefore been argued that more determinism is needed when engineering these artefacts. Recently, the normalized systems approach has been proposed to design information systems exhibiting proven evolvability. In this paper, we extend the approach’s basic principles to the related fields of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Management (BPM). This study is part of ongoing design science research to incorporate determinism in the construction of an organization’s artefacts. Our results show that such approach is feasible and could increase traceability from the organizational level to the information systems.