Plant Communication from an Ecological Perspective

Part of the series Signaling and Communication in Plants pp 179-214


Global Atmospheric Change and Trophic Interactions: Are There Any General Responses?

  • Geraldine D. RyanAffiliated withSchool of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph
  • , Susanne RasmussenAffiliated withAgResearch
  • , Jonathan A. NewmanAffiliated withSchool of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph Email author 

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Increasing atmospheric CO2 is hypothesized to alter plant physiology and metabolism, which may have important implications for species interactions. In this chapter, we review published studies on the effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on plant-derived allelochemicals and the possible effects of CO2-mediated changes on higher trophic levels such as herbivores, parasitoids, and predators. We provide a critical assessment of conventional ecological theories used to predict phytochemical responses to CO2 and we make some suggestions as to how this field may be expanded and improved.