The Study on Optimal Gait for Five-Legged Robot with Reinforcement Learning

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The research of legged robot was rapidly developed. It can be seen from recent ideas about new systems of robot movement that take ideas from nature, called biology inspired. This type of robot begins replacing wheeled robot with various functions and interesting maneuvers ability. However, designers should decide how many legs are required to realize the ideas. One of the ideas that are rarely developed is odd number of legs. This research focused on five legs robot that inspired from starfish. To realize the intelligent system in robot that does not depend on the model, this research used reinforcement learning algorithm to find the optimal gait when robot is walking. In order to achieve this goal, trial and error have been used to provide learning through an interaction between robot and environment based on a policy of reward and punishment. The algorithm is successfully implemented to get the optimal gait on a five-legged robot.