Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems

Volume 5886 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 39-55

Towards an Integration of Space and Accessibility in Web Personalization

  • Mohamed Ramzi HaddadAffiliated withRiadi-Gdl Laboratory, ENSI Tunis
  • , Hajer BaazaouiAffiliated withRiadi-Gdl Laboratory, ENSI Tunis
  • , Marie Aude AufaureAffiliated withINRIA-Rocquencourt, Domaine de VoluceauEcole Centrale Paris, MAS Laboratory, Chaire SAP BusinessObjects Grande Voie des Vignes
  • , Christophe ClaramuntAffiliated withNaval Academy Research Institute, Lanvéoc-Poulmic
  • , Yves LechevallierAffiliated withINRIA-Rocquencourt, Domaine de Voluceau
  • , Henda Ben GhezalaAffiliated withRiadi-Gdl Laboratory, ENSI Tunis

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Web personalization can be seen as an interdisciplinary domain that facilitates interaction between web content and user needs. One of the peculiarities of Web information is that a significant part of the data is georeferenced although this is not completely taken into account by current search and personalization engines. This paper introduces a spatial personalization approach based on a user modeling technique and a measure of spatial accessibility. We develop a personalized accessibility measure whose objective is to predict and evaluate location relevancy, accessibility and associations at the user level. This measure favors delivery of location-based and personalized recommendations.