High Spectral Density Optical Communication Technologies

Volume 6 of the series Optical and Fiber Communications Reports pp 141-166


High Spectral Efficiency Coherent Optical OFDM

  • William ShiehAffiliated withThe University of Melbourne Email author 
  • , Xingwen YiAffiliated withSchool of Communication and Information Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

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OFDM has quickly gained its attraction in optical communications that are evolving toward software-enhanced optical transmissions. Coherent optical OFDM (CO-OFDM) takes advantage of software capabilities of electronic digital signal processing (DSP) to perform sophisticated operations and has demonstrated its easiness of realizing high spectral efficiency and combating various distortions at the same time. This chapter presents the signal processing of coherent optical MIMO-OFDM and elucidates its capability. In the first part, centered on high spectral efficiency, CO-OFDM is investigated to implement high-order QAM modulation. In the second part, orthogonal-band-multiplexed OFDM (OBM-OFDM) is discussed to alleviate the analog bandwidth requirement of DACs/ADCs and to eliminate the frequency guard band between the optical channels. With the theoretical analysis and experimental demonstrations in both parts, CO-OFDM presents itself as an attractive candidate for high spectral efficiency optical transmissions.