Model-Driven Development of Adaptive Applications with Self-Adaptive Mobile Processes

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Writing adaptive applications is complex and thus error-prone. Our (SAM-WSs) already provide adaptation support in terms of location, available state, provided functionality and implementation in use. Yet, SAM-WSs still require developers implementing the adaptation logic themselves.

In this work, we present an approach to ease the implementation of adaptive applications with SAM-WSs. We introduce our concept of a (SAMProc), an abstraction for adaptive applications, and SAMPEL, an XML application to describe a SAMProc. We show a tool that automatically generates SAM-WSs adaptation code on the basis of the SAMPEL description. Then, we go even one step further by providing an Eclipse plug-in that allows automatic generation of the SAMPEL description on the basis of a graphic model. This enables generating a SAM-WS implementation with few clicks; developers have to write pure application logic only.