Hierarchical Approach for Fast and Efficient Collision Detection in Urban Simulation

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Urban simulation research has become an important research area in computer graphics due to the need to visualize urban environment as realistic as possible. Urban environment consists of elements such as culling, lighting, shadows, collision detection and others that will determine the realism level of simulation. One of the key components that need further consideration is to equip the synthetic world with fast and efficient collision detection approach so that urban simulation can be done realistically. In general, hierarchical approach provides fast and efficient collision detection method in urban simulation. We present a new traversal algorithm of Bounding-Volume Hierarchies (BVH) for collision detection (CD) between static and moving object that can be used in urban simulation. The result from the experiments had shown that the combination of the AABB BVH and optimized traversal algorithm is superior over the previous BVH approaches where less time taken to detect collision between static and moving objects in urban simulation.