Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms

Volume 5495 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 193-202

Grid-Oriented Scatter Search Algorithm

  • Antonio Gómez-IglesiasAffiliated withNational Fusion Laboratory, CIEMAT
  • , Miguel A. Vega-RodríguezAffiliated withDep. of Technologies of Computers and Communications, University of Extremadura
  • , Miguel Cárdenas-MontesAffiliated withDep. of Basic Research, CIEMAT
  • , Enrique Morales-RamosAffiliated withARCO Research Group, University of Extramdura
  • , Francisco Castejón-MagañaAffiliated withNational Fusion Laboratory, CIEMAT

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Scatter search (SS) is an evolutionary algorithm (EA) becoming more important in current researches as the increasing number of publications shows. It is a very promising method for solving combinatorial and nonlinear optimisation problems. This algorithm is being widely implemented for solving problems not taking long, but in case of processes requiring of high execution times likely to be executed using grid computing there is not an implementation for it. Some problems arise when we try to execute this algorithm using the grid, but once they are solved, the obtained results are really promising for many complex and scientific applications like, for example, applications for optimising nuclear fusion devices. Using concurrent programming and distributed techniques associated to the grid, the algorithm works as it could do it in a single computer.


Scatter Search Distributed Programming Concurrent Programming Grid Computing