Computer Security – ESORICS 2009

Volume 5789 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 86-103

Tracking Information Flow in Dynamic Tree Structures

  • Alejandro RussoAffiliated withChalmers University of Technology
  • , Andrei SabelfeldAffiliated withChalmers University of Technology
  • , Andrey ChudnovAffiliated withStevens Institute of Technology

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This paper explores the problem of tracking information flow in dynamic tree structures. Motivated by the problem of manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM) trees by browser-run client-side scripts, we address the dynamic nature of interactions via tree structures. We present a runtime enforcement mechanism that monitors this interaction and prevents a range of attacks, some of them missed by previous approaches, that exploit the tree structure in order to transfer sensitive information. We formalize our approach for a simple language with DOM-like tree operations and show that the monitor prevents scripts from disclosing secrets.