Model-Based Testing Using LSCs and S2A

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We report on our preliminary experience in using high-level visual scenario-based models for tests specification, test generation, and aspect-based test execution, in the context of an industrial application. To specify scenario-based tests, we used a UML2-compliant variant of live sequence charts (LSC). To automatically generate testing code from the models, we used a modified version of the S2A Compiler, outputting AspectC++ code. Finally, to examine the results of the tests, we used the Tracer, a prototype tool for model-based trace visualization and exploration. Our experience reveals the advantages of integrating models into industrial settings, specifically for model-based test specification and aspect-based execution: generating aspect code from visual models enables exploiting the expressive power of aspects for testing without manual coding and without knowledge of their rather complex syntax and semantics. We further discuss technological and other barriers for the future successful integration of our initial work in industrial context.