Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL 2009

Volume 5788 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 126-133

FeedRank: A Semantic-Based Management System of Web Feeds

  • Hooran MahmoudiNasabAffiliated withMacquarie University
  • , Sherif SakrAffiliated withUniversity of New South Wales

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Today the World Wide Web is undergoing a subtle but profound shift to Web 2.0 and Semantic Web technologies. Due to the increasing interest in the Semantic Web, more and more Semantic Web applications are being developed. One of the current main issues facing the development of Semantic Web applications is the simplicity and user-friendliness for the end users, especially for people with a non-IT background. This paper presents the FeedRank system for the extraction, aggregation, semantic management, and querying of Web feeds. The proposed system overcomes many of the limitations of conventional and passive Web feed readers such as: providing only simple presentations of what is received, poor integration of correlated data from different sources, and overwhelming the user with large traffic of feeds that are of no or low interest to them.