Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning

Volume 5753 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 604-609

Optimal Multicore Scheduling: An Application of ASP Techniques

  • Viren KumarAffiliated withSimon Fraser University
  • , James DelgrandeAffiliated withSimon Fraser University

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Optimal scheduling policies for multicore platforms have been the holy grail of systems programming for almost a decade now. In this paper, we take two instances of the optimal multicore scheduling problem, the dual-core and the quad-core instances, and attempt to solve them using Answer Set Programming. We represent the problem using a graph theoretic formulation, whereby finding the minimum edge cover of a weighted graph aids us in finding an optimal multicore schedule. We then use an answer set solver to obtain answer sets of varying sizes for our formulation. While a polynomial time algorithm for finding the minimum edge cover of a weighted graph exists in imperative languages and is suitable for dual-core processors, our approach uses ASP techniques to solve both the dual-core and quad-core versions of this problem. We discuss some optimizations to reduce execution runtime, and conclude by discussing potential uses of our application.


ASP clingo multicore scheduling edge cover