Foundations of Intelligent Systems

Volume 5722 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 5-14

The Art of Management and the Technology of Knowledge-Based Systems

  • Jozef KelemenAffiliated withVSM College of ManagementInst. of Comp. Sci., Silesian University
  • , Ivan PolášekAffiliated withInst. of Informatics and Software Engineering, STU

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Explicit knowledge is successfully transferrable into computers. As the consequence of this, we have today at hand various knowledge and expert systems. The talk provides a short overview of some basic steps towards the actual situation. Then it focuses to the role of management for effective dealing with knowledge, and to the role of special kind of knowledge – the knowledge of management. A new type of knowledge storing and processing technology, resulting in specific type of knowledge-based systems – the Knowledge Managing Systems – is proposed as a computer-based support for activities which form at least some part of the Art of Management.


Workmanship knowledge knowledge-based systems ontology management knowledge management knowledge managing systems